New construction of apartments with underground parking


Monath NV
Conix RDBM Architects - Antwerpen
Execution period
jan 2022 - may 2024
Execution cost
15.500.000 €

About the project

The third and final phase of the Bord’eau project will complete the work on the Scheldt Island in Oudenaarde. Located near the water and using quality materials, this project exudes luxury and comfort.
The project includes 66 apartments of different sizes and finishing levels. In the basement of the building there is an underground parking lot as well as some garage boxes. The project also includes a multipurpose room with communal functions.

The work includes structural work, finishing, technical services and environmental construction.


Key information

Construction surface 13.558 m²
No. floors 9
S-level 31
E-level 40
Surface surrounding area 450 m²
- Surface 4.500 m²
- No. floors 2 underground
- No. sites 75