Sustainability and entrepreneurship are in our genes

Sustainability is high on the agenda at Wyckaert. We want to do business in a socially responsible way with respect for people and planet. That is why we go beyond our statutory obligations on an ethical, social and environmental level. 

We strive for sustainability in a realistic and balanced way, with the 5 P’s: Peace, People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnership as a frame of reference.

And although our engagement is wide-ranging, we realise we still have a long way to go. That is why we want to keep evolving, with full transparency and openness towards our stakeholders. 

How we commit to sustainability

Sustainability news

Three new battery packs in our yards

Wyckaert continues to invest in sustainability! This week, we installed a new battery pack on 3 of our sites (Bloei Gent, Scheldekop Oudenaarde and Parking …

A sustainable site hut at the Bloei yard

At our Bloei yard in Ghent, we invested in a brand new, sustainable yard hut. This Nearly Energy Neutral (BEN) 2-story container village includes: – …

CO2 Performance Ladder

At Wyckaert, we have been committed to CO2 reduction and reducing our carbon footprint for years. For example, in recent years we have invested in …

Sustainability milestones


We invested in battery packs for our sites.


We were awarded the internationally-recognised Unitar certificate from the United Nations for our sustainability activities.

We achieved ISO 45001 certification (safety management system).


We moved into our new sustainable office building equipped with solar panels, a ground source heat pump, green roof, water recovery system, bioswale and 100% green energy.

We invested in electric vehicles and charging points in our carpark.


We achieved ISO 14001 certification (environmental management system).


We organised our first FOCUS teambuilding event.


We received our first Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter from VOKA and we will continue to do so in the coming years.

Volvo rewarded us with the Volvo Quality Excellence Award for our quality and client focus.


We were awarded VOKA’s Environment Charter.


We achieved VCA certification (Health & Safety and Environment checklist for contractors).


We achieved ISO 9001 certification (quality management system).

KPIs & evolution

Electricity consumption in our office building

9,18 kwh/m³


8,75 kwh/m³


8,50 kwh/m³


CO2emissions of our vehicle fleet

115.98 g/vehicle


113.54 g/vehicle


104.38 g/vehicle


Organisation's CO2emissions (scope I + II)

980.29 tons


919.51 tons


767.00 tons


Fuel consumption

7.68 l / 100 km


7.12 l / 100 km


6.8 l / 100 km


Water consumption in our office building

302 m³


276 m³


168 m³


Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand at Wyckaert

We keep innovating and improving every day. With the aim of creating sustainable added value. Whether it concerns people or machines, products or processes. For example, we invest in technologies that make the building process more efficient and green. And we apply LEAN principles to prevent wastage.

Our sustainability certificates

VOKA Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter

VCA Certificate

VOLVO Quality Excellence Award

ISO 45001

ISO 14001

ISO 9001