Wyckaert & innovation

Through thoughtful innovation, we aim to create sustainable added value for our stakeholders. That is why we are fully committed to BIM and technologies that make the construction process more efficient and greener. Also, as a self-learning organisation, we apply LEAN principles every day to improve our processes and reduce waste.

LEAN: a self-learning organisation

Central to our business is a satisfied customer. We want to deliver what we promise, and to do so within the pre-set schedule and budget.

Therefore, as a company, we apply LEAN principles. Every day we improve our processes so that waste is eliminated. As a result, we reduce our cost of failure and focus only on what generates value for our customers: quality and time saving.

To achieve this, we created multidisciplinary working groups to consider improvement actions. We also have a special innovation room, our FOCUS room, where visual planning boards provide clear agreements and clear communication between internal and external partners.

The result: all noses in the same direction.
Because being LEAN requires the involvement of all parties.

Smart working with BIM

Building Information Modeling offers many benefits throughout the construction process.

It helps us gain early technical insights needed for efficient execution and shorter construction project lead times.

With BIM, all parties involved can gain maximum benefits in their operations. Moreover, it leads to better communication and greater involvement among the various partners.

The right technologies

Technological development does not stand still in the construction industry either. Drones, robots and 3D printers capture the imagination.

Yet at Wyckaert, we deal with technology as we do with everything else: down-to-earth. With us, no innovation for innovation’s sake, but innovation with the goal of creating added value for the customer.

We closely follow market evolutions and examine which developments can really help us move forward.

The result is a thoughtful and sustainable investment policy in terms of software, apps, tools, machines and products.

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