We stand for an innovative and personal approach

We distinguish ourselves in the construction landscape with our dynamic, innovative and personal approach. We are known for our client and solution orientation and communicate clearly. We see every project as a partnership with our client. We aim for long-term relationships that benefit everyone involved.

We make a genuine difference through personal interaction with each client.

Partnership with our client

At Wyckaert, we regard every building project as a partnership with our client. We go through a process together to achieve a result of which we are all proud of. We naturally still provide quality, service, and the required expertise, but we make a genuine difference through personal interaction with each client. We aim for long-term relationships based on honest communication, trust and respect.

Building process

Design & Build

As part of the trend towards integrated contracts, clients increasingly entrust design and execution to a single party, based on performance specifications. Over the years, our company has developed the unique expertise to see these partnerships through to successful conclusion.

Working in building teams

We are stronger together. That is why we offer input to clients and designers as early as the design stage. The thorough work preparation and detailed planning that flow from this, create a great deal of added value for the client in terms of quality, costs and time.


To ensure smooth transfer to the client, we attach a great deal of importance to aftercare. We identify any focus points a few months before the anticipated completion for our aftercare team to tackle. That way, we succeed in delivering our projects successfully with the minimum in terms of remarks.

Our strengths

Pragmatic approach

Each building project is unique. That is why we pay particular attention to putting together the appropriate site set-up. The project and site manager are the direct point of contact; they have wide-ranging authorities to be able to act quickly.

Clear communication

Our user-friendly information sharing platform puts all parties involved in direct contact with one another and gives them access to all up to date project information. The result is short, and ensures clear lines of communication.

We offer input

Our engineering department of experienced calculators and engineers offers input to the client as early as the design stage. This design & build approach results in a substantiated preparation for the execution of the project.

Wyckaert & innovation


As a self-learning organisation, we continually improve our processes with a view to added value for the client.


Building Information Modelling enables us to work more efficiently, communicate better, and reduce quality costs.


We do not believe in innovation for the sake of innovation, but in well-thought-out technologies appropriate for our operational management.