Job Satisfaction Week

This week is ‘Job Satisfaction Week’. A theme to which we attach great importance at Wyckaert. Because job satisfaction pays!

In the first place, for our employees. When they are happy, they are healthier, more cheerful, more social and more successful.

But also for our organisation. After all, happy employees are more productive, more engaged, sick less frequently, and have a lower risk of burn-out.

We therefore try to support this in different ways:

  • varied and challenging jobs that utilise our employees’ talents
  • a healthy work-life balance
  • actions against stress and burnout
  • a homely atmosphere in a modern office building
  • lifelong learning and development
  • regular team activities like our Happy Fridays and annual team-building event
  • fun extras like an in-house fitness suite and fresh fruit weekly

That way, we create even more job satisfaction together!

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