Construction and financing of renovation and new construction on the offices of Vrij CLB


Vrij Centrum voor Leerlingenbegeleiding Gent (Vrij CLB)
Archipl architecten Cvba - GENT
Execution period
march 2018 – apr 2019
Execution cost
4.640.769 €

About the project

The VCLB in Ghent wants to centralise its activities. The project consists partly of renovating the old gatehouse located on Halvemaanstraat and partly new construction to replace the ageing rear building.
The new building will have reception space for the children who come for medical check-ups, offices and conference rooms for the VCLB staff.
The construction work involves structural work, finishing, technical engineering and environmental planning.

Key information

Construction surface 500 m²
- New building 300 m²
- Renovation 4
No. floors 35
K-level 635 m²
Parking 44
Surface surrounding area 1.900 m²