Housing units & WZC Saffrou Phase 2


Re-vive Oudenaarde Development CVBA - Immo Markant BV
Archpl Architecten – Achtergael Architecten – Dna Architecten
Execution period
okt 2022 - nov 2024
Execution cost
25.299.695 €

About the project

On the former company site of Saffre Frères in Oudenaarde, the 2nd phase of a new construction project of Re-vive is being realized, consisting of 58 apartments (divided over 3 building blocks) and 26 houses .

A spacious parking garage with bicycle storage is planned under one of the buildings.

In addition, Wyckaert is building a residential care center consisting of 64 rooms and 22 assisted living units for Immo Markant on part of the underground parking lot.

The work includes structural work, finishing, technical services and environmental construction.

Key information

  • Construction surface: 14.250 m²
  • No. floors: 4
  • E-level: 30
  • : 5.379 m²
  • Parking:
  • - Surface: 111
  • Surface surrounding area: 2.250 m²