Residential units & WZC Saffrou Phase 2


Revive Oudenaarde Development CVBA - Immo Markant BV
Archpl Architects - Achtergael Architects - Dna Architects
Execution period
Oct 2022 - Nov 2024
Execution cost
€ 25.299.695

About the project

The project consists of 2 parts:

Construction of 58 apartments divided into 3 building blocks, 26 houses and a spacious parking garage with bicycle storage.

Construction of a residential care center with 64 rooms and 22 assisted living apartments.

The job includes structural, finishing, engineering and environmental construction.

Key information

Built-up floor area 14.250 m²
Number of building layers 4
E-level building 30
Underground floor area parking 5.379 m²
Number of building layers parking underground 1
Number of parking spaces 111
Area of environmental landscaping 2.250 m²