New construction of a rehabilitation centre


't Vlod CAR vzw (Centrum voor Ambulante Revalidatie)
De Vloed Architects - Heusden-Destelbergen
Execution period
nov 2013 - may 2015
Execution cost

About the project

The rehabilitation centre is an ambulant service one can visit for a multidisciplinary examination, with the treatment and guidance of children and young people from 0 to 18 years of age with complex development issues, hearing impairments or a stammer.
In the 1st phase the existing buildings were demolished and replaced by a new construction. In the second phase the existing centre was demolished and replaced by a car park at street level.
The works include structural work, finishing and landscaping.

Key information

Construction surface 2.052 m²
No. floors 4
Surface surrounding area 1.115 m²