Car park Lichttorenplein and Ijzerparking – Design, construction and financing of two underground car parks, square construction with tourist office and road construction work


Lighthouse Parkings voor Gemeente Knokke-Heist
Arch & Teco Architectuur Nv - Gent
Execution period
nov 2005 - dec 2007
Execution cost

About the project

The assignment consisted of the design, construction, financing and operation of two private underground car parks and one public car park.
The underground car parks have a joint capacity of 792 spaces. The work also comprised the above-ground public infrastructure. This consisted of a tourist building, the reconstruction of the former lighthouse, a square and roads around the Lichttorenplein and the construction of a public park with the integration of engineering structures above the Ijzerparking.
The construction work was carried out as a joint venture in which Wyckaert had a 50 % share.  The project partnership Lighthouse Parkings, with Wyckaert having a 33% share, took responsibility for the acquisition of the land and commercialisation.
The works include structural work, finishing, technical facilities and landscaping.

Key information

Private parking Lichttorenplein: 10.560 m²
- No. floors 266
- No. sites 6.200 m²
- Surface 226
- No. floors 8.200 m²
Public parking Ijzerpark: 300
- Surface 5.650 m²
- No. floors 11.700 m²