De Bijloke music centre – Restoration, renovation and new construction


Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent vzw
Van De Sompel Oswald Architect - Gent
Execution period
oct 2004 - apr 2007
Execution cost

About the project

De Bijloke music centre is located in the former Bijloke hospital. The medieval hospital ward has been renovated into a concert hall.  Modern dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, offices, two contemporary access buildings and a large foyer for the public and for the artists have been added to the historical architecture.
The works include demolition, structuring, finishing, technical work and environmental engineering.

Key information

  • Construction surface:
  • - New building: 3.500 m²
  • - Renovation: 3.000 m²
  • - Restauration: 500 m²
  • No. floors: 4
  • Surface surrounding area: 3.400 m²