WZC & residential-office tower Stropkaai


Provincialaat Broeders van Liefde VZW
Archipl architects CVBA - Gent
Execution period
Apr 2021 - Apr 2024
Execution cost
€ 31.344.774

About the project

Construction of a residential care centre with 86 rooms and 20 service flats, a high-rise building with a ground-floor functional space, 20 residential units, office spaces and underground parking.

The project is located along the Stropkaai on the ‘Broeders zorgsite van Liefde’

De opdracht omvat ruwbouw, afwerking, technieken en omgevingsaanleg.

Key information

Built-up floor area 22.870 m²
Number of building floors 5
Number of floors Residential-office tower 10
Underground parking area 6.880m²
Number of building levels parking underground 3
Area of environmental landscaping 7.000 m²