World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day. A day that was established by the United Nations in 1974 to make governments and individuals aware of their impact on the environment.

This year’s theme, ‘Only One Earth’, marks exactly 50 years since the Club of Rome’s ground-breaking report on living cleaner, greener and more sustainably to safeguard our planet, our only home.

As a company with a specific focus on sustainability, this theme is close to our hearts. We believe our social responsibility extends beyond the boundaries of our actual business activities. We strive for sustainability on various levels with the UN’s development goals serving as a critical frame of reference.

At environmental level, this is reflected in numerous specific actions in different areas, such as:

  • reduction of emissions
  • water recovery
  • recycling
  • limiting site noise and vibrations
  • solar panels
  • electric vehicles
  • green roofs
  • a focus on biodiversity

And although this list is already quite long, we realise we still have along way to go.

Step by step and with a focus on sustainability in every aspect of our organisation, we will continue along the chosen path. Because we firmly believe that changing the world starts with ourselves.

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