Calculations Team in the spotlight

We can count on our colleagues Ludwig, Aphrodite, Stijn, Kathleen, Michiel, Karin and Frederik for the acquisition of new projects. Or: our calculations department!

This cheerful gang resides on the fourth and calmest floor of our newbuild. And that’s just as well, because their calculations and brainwork largely determine which projects we carry out at a later stage. So shush, quiet!

Our boffins calculate the cost price of a project when a pricing query comes in, whether for public tenders, private projects, or ‘design & build’. They study specifications and plans, draw up measurement data, send out cost queries, seek economical alternatives, calculate the cost price and justify or negotiate their dossiers to the client.

And they do that at speed! Because the deadlines are often tight and time-sensitive.

They gain the greatest satisfaction from winning new projects. Handing the project over to the executing team after a few weeks of intensive teamwork is always the icing on the cake!

Does this job and this team appeal to you? Then you could be the estimator we are looking for! Go to and let us know!

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