Customer Support Team in the spotlight

Meet Margo, Sven and Leen, our creative livewires and customer support team at Wyckaert.

You can find them in one of the most vibrant offices in the company, where music is always playing, birthdays are celebrated with a ‘petrol station treat’ and it is not uncommon for a little dancing to take place on a Friday.

The customer support team provides optimal support to buyers in the finishing of their apartments or houses and ensures smooth communications between the different parties.

They prepare execution plans and quotes, process buyers’ choices in terms of bathrooms, kitchens, doors and floors, and optimise the layout of the space, the techniques and the finish in collaboration with them.

They sometimes support up to 150 clients at the same time, so a structured approach comes in handy! Communication skills, empathy and experience in interior design are important skills for the customer support team.

They undoubtedly derive the greatest satisfaction from the huge variety in their jobs. No two projects or clients are alike, and they get to put their creative, technical and communication skills to use. That and the fact that they learn continually and remain up to date with the latest trends provides this team with immense job satisfaction.

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